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Cadet 31-S(27)


This 31 stop instrument is set in a simulated wood vinyl veneer cabinet with  a 30 note pedal board. Based on Viscount’s sampled sound system 110 alternate voices are available, allowing the set up of 5 user created different organ styles ranging from classic English voicing to Baroque and Romantic.

■ 2 x 61 note tracker touch keyboards, velocity sensitive for midi voices
■ 27 note straight and radiating pedal board
■ 31 tilt tab speaking stops with 110 alternative voices from internal memory bank
■ 5 fully editable organ styles (English, Baroque,Symphonic and Romantic 1&2)
■ 6 alternative temperaments
■ Dark oak simulated wood veneer with vinyl roll cover

■ Great and Pedal expression
■ Swell expression pedal
■ 6 general pistons
■ 6 divisional pistons to Sw, Gt and Pedal
■ 8 capture memories
■ Auto pedal and Gt/Ped enclosed pistons
■ Keyboard inversion and Transposes -6/+5 semitones
■ Fully adjustable Tremulants (speed and depth)
■ Sw/Ped, Gt/Ped and Sw/Gt reverser pistons
■ Ped on Gt pistons combined

The full Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic stop lists can be found in the brochure download.

Pedal Great Swell 
Open Wood16Double Diapason16Rohr Flute  8
Open Metal16Open Diapason  8Salicional  8
Bourdon16Claribel Flute  8Voix Celeste  8
Principal  8Principal  4Principal  4
Bass Flute  8Harmonic Flute  4Stopped Flute  4
Choral Bass  4Twelfth2.2/3Flageolet  2
MixtureIVFifteenth  2MixtureIV
Trombone16Tierce1.3/5Contra Fagotto16
Trumpet8Full MixtureIVCornopean8
Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great

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■ 125cm (W) 113cm (H) 63cm (D) 96cm with pedal board
■ Weight 101kg

■ Independent volume adjustment of each division
■ Independent volume adjustment of each stop
■ 3 internal speakers 2 full range and 1 woofer
■ 3 x 70 watt internal amplifiers
■ Internal 5 band graphic equaliser
■ Fully adjustable reverberation with 8 levels
■ Stereo headphone output socket
■ External outputs to 2 channels
■ Midi in-out-through