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Removing a pedal board and transporting (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 week ago
Martins 1 week ago


I wonder if you can help me  

I have just bought an old Domus organ oN eBay. It has a few t

issues I think but at £56 I'm hopeful. My daughter heard an organist play and has nagged me to let her learn. So. Here I am! 

Can anyone advise as to how I take the pedals off the main organ? I'm going to have to carry I think from a church to a van. And then up some stairs. It's going to be quite a challenge. I'm planning on bringning some tools with me but if there are specialist tools involved I'd be really grateful for a heads up. Or indeed for any advice! 



David Mason
1 week ago
David Mason 1 week ago

Hi, The task is very easy. The pedal board may be secured to the organ with 2 small pins at the left and right hand edges where the pedal board is against the organ console. These are often lost but if there just lift them out.

Slowly pull the pedal board away from the organ no more than 6 inches. You will see a ribbon cable that connects the pedal board to the console. There is an 8 pin plug on the end of the cable that fits a socket on the pedal board. Pull out the plug and you can then remove the pedal board.

To reassemble reverse the procedure but take care not to force the plug into the socket as it it is possible to bend a pin if you do not line it up correctly.

Good luck and good to know we have another keen young organist in the making.



1 week ago

Dear David.

Thank you so much. That was very helpful. It's all done. Taken from Greenwich today and hauled up the stairs to our back bedroom this evening.

The manuals work well, but when the pedal board is connected there are problems because some of the pedals are not bouncing back but staying down, or bouncing down. I suspect that a good dust would do it the world of good (I sound like my mother) but seriously it's been on a church balcony for a long time and I think not much used. I think it might need a service too - but I read somewhere in these forums that there's an engineer in Porthcawl, so perhaps i'll go there if I need it.

However, first up i'll take a good look myself and then check the forum here for obvious fixes.

Thanks again for your help.


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