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UK mains voltage problem (2 replies and 1 comment)

2 weeks ago
ricardian 2 weeks ago

I am the organist at the local kirk where we purchased a new Viscount Cadet about 4 years ago. We have been having problems which I have been told (by a reputable VIscount dealer) are caused by excessive mains voltages which in turn are caused by the number of wind turbines & solar panels in the local area. Has anyone else encountered the same problem and if so how was the problem fixed?

David Mason
2 weeks ago
David Mason 2 weeks ago

Hello, You are not alone with this issue. We have a customer in East Anglia where the mains voltage is not within the grid limits and this occasionally affects the organ. The only sure solution that we know of is to put a voltage regulation device between the organ and the mains supply. These vary in sophistication. You can try a UPS, (uninterruptible power supply) as the lowest cost start point.

Regards Viscount UK

2 weeks ago

I have ordered an "APC LE1200I Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator" which I hope will remove the transient voltage spikes.

2 days ago
ricardian 2 days ago

Alas, the Automatic Voltage Regulator did not fix the problem? However, a "13A Spike Buster Surge Socket P408/SRG (by RPP)" did the job for £34.76 from Amazon. As these voltage spikes are likely to become more of a problem as more and more domestic wind turbines & solar panels are brought into use perhaps Viscount could advise purchasers of the problem and its solution - maybe future models of Viscount organs could have the protection "built in"?

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