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VISCOUNT D9E Expander (6 replies and 1 comment)

4 months ago
Mecaso 4 months ago

Hello, everybody!

I have bought a used D9E Viscount Expander.

The seller did'nt own its User Manual.

Please, where can i buy one, or find it for free on the net?

Thanks & regards....

David Mason
3 months ago
David Mason 3 months ago

Here is the manual that you have asked for.  Regards David

3 months ago
Someca 3 months ago


First of one, my thanks to David Mason.


(I am too registered as Mecaso. I have lost my password.

I don't understand why a password is necessary to login

as it is not asked when you are registering. So, when

i had wanted to send my thanks, it was impossible because

password lost. I have asked at "Viscount Classic organs" for

a new one two times: no answer.

This is the reason why i register with an other nickname.)


Thanks again to David Mason & regards...

3 months ago
Cameso 3 months ago

I confirm.

Impossible to login  with the forum.

With Mecaso and Someca nicknames, a password is requested

.............but, it doesn't exist, because not created when registering.

Please, open this link:

But, when you register, now as Cameso,you can post immediatly

an answer on the forum without any password.

I don't understand how this forum works.

It is perhaps the reason why a few replies......






David Mason
3 months ago

Hi, thanks for the feedback on your login problems. We did have a couple of days while you were trying where the licence for the forum platform expired. That may have contributed to your difficulties. Regards David

3 months ago
Casome 3 months ago


As said in my previous messages, it is impossible to log in

because no password created when we register.

I have registered now, for a new time, with a new nickname (Casome).

No password was requested.

So, with no password requested when registering, it is impossible

to indicate one when loging in.

It is rather logical....!!!!!


3 months ago
Casome 3 months ago


I sent there is about thirty minutes 3 messages to ask for

3 new passwords for my identifications Mecaso, Someca

and Cameso. I didn't obtain any answer, like that already passed

during my previous request a few days ago.

At the moment, I can post messages, because I am connected

under the nickname of Casome which I have just registered

and in spite of no password was created.


3 months ago
Casome 3 months ago


I have received this answer from David Mason:



Thank you for the e mail.  We can not see you now as a forum user.

We are clearly having difficulty with this forum platform and it will take us a little time to fix it.

Thank you for your patience.

 I posted the manual for you so I appreciate the thanks.



Viscount Classical Organs Ltd



If i understand well, a solution to my problems was found.


" We can not see you now as a forum user."

That means perhaps that I am crossed off with the forum....

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