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Viscount Recitative MIDI problem (2 replies and 1 comment)

4 months ago
doriene 4 months ago


Can someone help me please? I can't use my Viscuont Recitative I on HW or GO. I just simple connected the organ to the PC via USB Midi interface. Some signal must be there, because HW and GO is going to be mad whilst the organ connected. Softwer plays notes randomly but there's no response when I press a key on the organ. Is there any hidden switch or a combination of keys I need to press to activate Midi function on Recitative I?

Thanks your help guys!


David Mason
4 months ago
David Mason 4 months ago

Hi, This is a very old organ at the very beginning of the midi timeline, so its midi system will be very basic. I have requested an owners manual from Italy. But they are having to retrieve from archive. It may take a few days. Regards David

4 months ago

thank you David!

2 months ago
doriene 2 months ago

Hi David,

I'm very happy, my Recitative works on Hauptwerk now. Problem was the MIDI interface. First I bought a cheap one, but than I found the E-MU Xmidi 1x1, and it works perfectly.

Thanks your help


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