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St John’s Wakefield

Wakefield consoleIn recent years St. John’s has been subject to a substantial refurbishment. The old organ was damaged beyond repair by water entering a leaking roof directly above the instrument. Consequently we were invited to quote for a replacement instrument. We provided the 3 manual moving drawstop console you see here.

The main instrument has 47 speaking stops with a separate chancel division of a further 6 stops.



Pedal Great Swell Choir 
Double Open Wood32Double Diapason16Geigen Diapason8Gedackt8
Open Wood16Open Diapason I 8Chimney Flute8Unda Maris8
Open Metal16Claribel Flute8Echo Gamba8Gemshorn4
Bourdon16Stopped Diapason8Vox Angelica8Chimney Flute4
Principal8Principal4Geigen Principal4Nazard2-2/3
Bass Flute8Harmonic Flute4Wald Flute4Flageolet2
Choral Bass4Twelfth2-2/3Fifteenth2Tierce1-1/3
Bassoon16Trumpet8Contra Fagotto16Clarinet8
Trumpet8Clarion4Cornopean8Cor Anglais8
Oboe8Fanfare Trumpet
Chancel on GreatClarion4
Bourdon (pedal)16
Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Open Flute4
Great to PedalTremulantTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to GreatSwell Sub OctaveSwell to Choir
Choir to PedalChoir to GreatSwell Octave

St Johns Wakefield