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T: 01869 247 333

Wyvern 2 Manual Drawstop

This instrument is about 20 years old and just retired from church use in favour of a new Viscount Organ.

Swell 14
Great 13
Pedal 10

This organ plays through 5 independent speaker cabinets.

37 speaking stops
32 note pedal board
Real dark oak wood console

5 general pistons
5 swell division pistons
5 general division pistons
Sw/Gt reverser duplicated on toe piston
Gt/Ped reverser duplicated on toe piston
Sw/Ped reverser duplicated on toe piston
3 memory levels

See the jamb pictures for individual voice names

Console depth 27 inches, width 64 inches, height 47 inches

5 External speaker cabinets. No internal speakers or headphone facility