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Bromsgrove Methodist Church

 Bromsgrove organ in settingOrgan from aboveWe have recently installed a modified Envoy 35-S instrument that replaces a 30 year old Johannus. The church has been remodelled to allow for more flexible use and while the work was carried out the opportunity was taken to install a new instrument which you can see in these pictures.



Our delighted customer recently wrote to us :-

” Thank you all for the recent installation of an Envoy 35 in Bromsgrove Methodist Church.

I have found every stage of the process interesting and enjoyable, and have appreciated the enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of all involved.  The help offered in the Viscount showroom at Bicester was relaxed but authoritative, with every question I could think of answered clearly.  The sound in the showroom was very impressive and after playing further examples of the Envoy 35 in churches around my region I asked for a demonstration organ to be left in our church for a fortnight.

This organ was played by several church members, and listening sessions were held for people to hear the variety of sounds and to ask many questions.  There was much positive interest and a church meeting gave a unanimous vote that we proceed with buying an Envoy 35.

We did not have enough space to fit the 35-F, but Viscount (whose regular answer to a query was “we can do that – it won’t cost much”) were able to install the 35-F divisional pistons into a 35-S console (which normally has general pistons only).  Encouraged by this flexibility, I found that many more small (and not so small) alterations could be accommodated.  It was as if we were buying a custom designed organ at the cost of a very basic instrument from some other suppliers.

Installation and voicing took a full two days, with Viscount staff working extremely hard in trying conditions (up ladders, on a tower, and in a dark low-roofed loft which was stiflingly hot) to produce an immaculately neat installation.  They showed impressive pride and determination, combined with great experience and a friendly nature – a winning combination for us!

The congregation and I have enjoyed and appreciated the sound of the organ.  There are still delights to explore in the amazing voicing flexibility offered by the Physis technology, but no one should fear this flexibility – you can simply turn the organ on, and play a well sorted instrument that seems to me and others to be amazingly good value for money.

 Brian Henderson

Organist, Bromsgrove Methodist Church

Pedal Great Swell 
Sub Bass32Double Diapason16Geigen Diapason8
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Chimney Flute8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Echo Gamba8
Bourdon16Claribel Flute8Voix Celeste8
Principal8Stopped Diapason8Geigen Principal4
Bass Flute8Principal4Wald Flute4
Choral Bass4Harmonic Flute4Flageolet2
Trumpet8MixtureIVContra Fagotto16
Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great