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T: 01869 247 333

Merrylea Church of the Holy Trinity, Glasgow.

Merrylea 031Merrylea faced with a failing pipe organ decided to move forward with a digital solution. The instrument chosen was an Envoy 33 DFD in a real oak crafted console. All concerned are delighted with the new instrument as can be seen from the comments of their organist quoted below.

“Viscount Physis Technology has taken digital classical organs to a new level of tonal quality and realism. The instrument is a joy to play and the installation itself could not have been carried out to a higher standard by Soundtec Classical Organs, Irvine”

Dr John Burnett, BA Hons (Mus Perf), FVCM, LTCL, LLCM, ALCM.
Organist: Merrylea Church of the Holy Trinity, Glasgow.

Pedal  Great  Swell  
Sub Bass32Double Diapason16Geigen Diapason8
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Chimney Flute8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Echo Gamba8
Bourdon16Claribel Flute8Voix Celeste8
Principal8Stopped Diapason8Geigen Principal4
Bass Flute8Principal4Wald Flute4
Choral Bass4Harmonic Flute4Flageolet2
MixtureIVContra Fagotto16
Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great