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Heathfield School

Regent Classic 2 manual moving drawstop

Regent Classic 2 manual moving drawstop


Heathfield School commissioned a new 2 manual instrument to replace the failing organ in the school chapel. As you can see they chose a moving drawstop console manufactured in a light oak and incorporating our latest ‘Physis’ physical modelling  organ voice platform. To learn more about this follow the link to an explanation of Physis Technology.

Our pipe organ that had given many good years service was showing signs of wear and tear and the time had come for us to explore a replacement instrument.  The cost of a new pipe organs was beyond our budget so we looked at and tested various supplier’s digital instruments. We decided Viscount Classical Organs was our preferred choice. The Viscount organs we heard greatly impressed us with the depth and realism of their sound, and having been shown how easy the software is to maintain and update we were convinced that Viscount was the best company to provide us with a digital organ that would serve our immediate needs, as well as stand the test of time. Furthermore, the follow up services provided to us by Viscount Classical Organs would meet the expectations of the users. The installation of the new organ, constructed in a real oak moving drawstop console  proved to be an excellent choice and has  been a wonderful addition to the chapel.

Su Mei Kong

Musician in Residence

Heathfield School Ascot

Heathfield School Balcony

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