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York Minster Organ Hires

I was in the Minster twice last year. First in May for a delightful hour or so locked in alone with the Minster pipe organ and then in October to join a group celebrating the 100th birthday of former Minster organist Francis Jackson. Had I known at the time that we would be providing 2… 
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A tale of two organs

I (Francis Rumsey) found myself in Dublin in late August, invited by Viscount’s Irish dealer David Jeffers to voice two rather different Physis-based organs that they had recently installed. The experience brought into sharp focus the differences between voicing a smallish organ in a modest church with limited reverberation, and a large one in a… 
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[Choral Accompaniment] Thou Visitest the Earth

For our 2018 tutorial series we’re concentrating on the organ as a means of choral accompaniment. Accompanying a choir requires that the instrument supports boldly in a limited number of places, but recedes at many other times to allow the vocal parts to come through. It is also heard in solo role joining choral sections… 
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Hire Organ for Adoremus 2018 in Liverpool

Over the weekend of 7-9 September about 10,000 people gathered in Liverpool for the largest Catholic procession in the UK since the late Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1982. They were attending the first National Eucharistic Congress in the country since 1908. The Catholic Church holds a Eucharistic Congress every three or four years… 
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