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News from our Blog: Resources and Events

National Churches Trust

I have only recently become aware of the National Churches Trust and wondered if you too may not be aware of the help that they provide. They became known to me in the context of a place to advertise our instruments and services. So we are now listed on the online directory along other trades and professionals… 
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Bombarde of Organists

The hands and feet of the Cathedral and King’s Ely professional organists will once again collaborate and collide in a splendid ‘battle’ featuring the state of the art Old Palace Chapel organ. Join our performers for a glass of wine in the Palace reception after the event. Paul Trepte, Jonathan Kingston, Sarah MacDonald, Graham Griggs,… 
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Soundtec Classical Organs, Irvine – Enlarges Showroom Facilities

Viscount have long had two strong dealers, Soundtec Classical Organs and Key Player, north of the border. Both are family businesses. On the East Coast just outside Edinburgh Key Player (previously Edinburgh Organ Studio) continues to be run by Kerr MacIntosh. Once on the Golden Mile they are now outside the city centre in Leith Walk and… 
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[Hymn of the Month] Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise

This month we present the hymn “Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise”, by the great hymn writer Charles Wesley (1707 – 1788). This hymn is usually sung to the Welsh tune LLANFAIR, attributed to Robert Williams (1782 – 1821), even though some historians have certain doubts about his authorship. This hymn was written for… 
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