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Introduction to Choir Master Hymn Player

For many churches finding an organist is a great challenge and having a regular organist to rely on each Sunday can be very difficult. Many churches rely on the generosity of several musicians who alternate to ensure the congregation have organ accompaniment each Sunday. Basic questions around the Choir Master Hymn Player One of the… 
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Welsh Church Organ Pilgrimage: Part One

Those of you who have kindly read many of my blogs will know that I grew up in Wales moving away to work in London at 21, well before my now obsessive interest in the organ took hold. And so perhaps it is not altogether surprising that the number of Welsh pipe organs I have… 
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Supporting Diocese of Leeds Organists Training Programme

Viscount Organs are proud to support The Diocese of Leeds Organists’ Training Programme by providing them with a loan instrument. We wrote back in 2016 how we were delighted to provide this programme with an Envoy 35-F organ to be used during organ lessons. The Diocese of Leeds Organists’ Training Programme was created in 2016… 
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Leeds International Organ Festival 2019

Leeds International Organ Festival brings some of the world’s finest players to the city, performing on Leeds Cathedral’s fine four-manual Klais organ in the lunchtime recital series, and leading classes for some of the young pupils in the Organists’ Training Programme in the local area. This year, a particular highlight will be the renewed composer… 
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