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[Organ Performance Tutorials] Wedding and Memorial Music

Our organ performance tutorials for 2020 concentrate on the playing of organ arrangements for weddings and memorial services. This is music that will often be asked for, and a regular feature of many organists’ work. Most of it can be performed successfully on a wide range of different instruments. All of the pieces we present… 
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South East Wales Organists’ Association Lunch

I set off early on the morning of Saturday January 25 to drive to Cardiff. I was the ‘guest speaker’ at the South East Wales Organists’ Associations annual lunch at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Born in Wales and until 7 years ago with a parent still living in Cardiff, this was a drive the car… 
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Ten tips for buying a digital organ

Buying a digital organ is similar in scope to purchasing a new car. Model and specifications vary, and the final choice is often guided by personal preference. A digital organ, whether purchased for use at home, in a church or a concert hall, is an investment that should give you many years – even decades!… 
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A review of 2019 – A momentous year for Viscount

2019 was a momentous year and as I sit typing this account, I am not quite sure where to put the emphasis. The beginning of the year was understandably focussed on some staff changes. Our new sales manager Richard Patt had just joined and we were also making plans for long term friend and colleague… 
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