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John Foreman encourages organ teaching in Durban

About five years ago John became involved with the music and musicians in Durban, South Africa. The first person he met was Pinkie Mtshali who is Director of Music in Emmanuel Roman Catholic Cathedral. She introduced him to many top-class musicians including Melvin Peters who is organist and choir master of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church… 
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My interest in the organ started when I was eight

Our newest recruit, Richard Patt, talks about how his father’s love of the organ influenced him and how a chance meeting in a music shop led him to marrying the love of his life. My interest in the organ started when I was eight years old. My father, a green grocer and ice-cream maker, felt… 
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Two practice organs for King’s College Cambridge

About a year ago now I learnt that Miller’s Music of Cambridge had provided a Cadet Compact 31 which was installed in the rooms of the senior organ scholar. I was aware that many college organ scholars often had a piano in their rooms and had wondered why none (to my knowledge) at either Oxford… 
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Pipes and Processors

This is a post written by Richard Lowe who is an Organ Consultant and Organist . He had a very exciting and interesting story to share from Christ Church West Didsbury where he works as Director of Music. So we’ve asked him to write this post for us. Christ Church West Didsbury is rather unusual amongst… 
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