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[Choral Accompaniment] Psalm 20 (Chant by Gerald Knight)

For our 2018 tutorial series we’re concentrating on the organ as a means of choral accompaniment. Accompanying a choir requires that the instrument supports boldly in a limited number of places, but recedes at many other times to allow the vocal parts to come through. It is also heard in solo role joining choral sections… 
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Video demonstration of the Envoy 35-F

We thought that it would be helpful to provide a detailed run through of one of our more popular instruments, the Viscount Envoy 35-F, on a voice by voice basis. On the video produced you will hear almost all stops individually demonstrated and also their use in the choruses to which they belong. This will… 
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Three Viscount Vans

It is about 8 years now since we introduced our new company branding. This was an image we found on one of the stock picture websites of a lovely stained glass window next to an organ pipe façade. We have used it in our advertising, literature and website ever since so it was only natural… 
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Growing Network of Organ Dealers

In what I think we would all agree is a slowly shrinking world of classical organs for either home or church use it is very encouraging to see two new partner companies enter the market.  These are South Coast Organs owned and run by Mark Gatrell and Viscount Organs Wales owned and run by Tony… 
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