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Top 10 Christmas Playlist For The Organ

Are you looking for organ music for Christmas? Here is a list of our favourite Christmas music for the organ. If you are a church musician (particularly if you are an organist), you’ll know that there is one liturgical season where it’s easy to choose the music, and that is Christmas. There is a treasure… 
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Do you ever have one of those weeks!?

Last Saturday I dropped my phone and smashed the screen. So careless of me but as the phone was 6 years old I was pretty philosophical about it as a trigger to get the latest all singing and dancing iPhone Apple had to offer. By mid-Monday after about 4 calls with my network provider, each… 
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Viscount playing organists take their music online

There are very few bonuses flowing from this pandemic in the world of performing arts. So it is has been a very welcome sight to see many performers grasp the opportunities the internet provides using social media to present music to us while our concert halls and churches are closed. It’s probably fair to say… 
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Home Practice Organs: Has a luxury become a necessity?

The last six months have seen a marked increase in the level of interest in home practice organs, both new organs and pre-loved used organs. In the main, this has been fuelled by churches being closed due to Covid, which has meant that without a practice organ, many organists will not have been able to… 
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