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[Organ Performance Tutorials] Solemn Melody by Walford Davies

For the second piece in this year’s series Francis and Jonathan discuss the Solemn Melody by Sir Henry Walford Davies. Rather like Nimrod that they did in the first tutorial of 2020, this could be a useful piece for the end of a funeral. The work was originally scored for cello, strings and organ, so… 
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Desert Island ‘Self-isolation’ Top Picks

Following on from David’s Desert Island Discs for organ players – I thought I would add to the theme. We had a great discussion about it and thought: how would we fill our time if we had to isolate ourselves (Coronavirus style) on a desert island. This led to some interesting answers and I think… 
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The Organs of Westminster Cathedral –
Part 1: The Apse Organ

I am sure a question that none of us can resist putting to any accomplished professional organist we might meet is – ‘which organ does he or she consider to be the best they have ever played’? We all have genuine curiosity on that topic, one which of course is in reality impossible to split… 
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An organ music version of Desert Island Discs

In this amazingly troubled time for our world and this country I thought we needed something to distract us, if only briefly, from the avalanche of bad news that keeps hitting us from all directions. In my wilder moments I sometimes consider what music I might choose if I were ever to be asked to… 
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