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Hire Organ for St George’s Cathedral Southwark

On Tuesday July 9th 2019 we installed a hire organ in St George’s Cathedral Southwark. The 10th instrument currently on hire and for quite an unusual reason that I will explain below. The following day I went in with my new colleague Richard Goodall to check out the installation and carry out some basic voicing…. 
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Community Keyboards on Oldham Community Radio

I was recently in Manchester for the launch concert of a Theatre Organ project I am involved with and I met Ian Wolstenholme who introduced me to an interesting programme he produces on a monthly basis for Oldham Community Radio. The programme Community Keyboards covers all aspects of the organ world from Theatre to Classical… 
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[Organ Registration Tutorial] Herbert Howells Psalm Prelude, Set 1, No. 1

In the third tutorial in our Organ Registration Tutorial series we’re using extracts from Herbert Howells Psalm Prelude. Jonathan and Francis discuss and demonstrate a challenge that most organists will have to master at some stage in their careers — what could be termed the “seamless crescendo”. Of course there’s no such thing as a… 
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Emergency Church Organ Hire – Phone is red hot!

It seems that the need for hire organs just keeps on growing as another ‘SOS’ request came in recently from St Martin’s Church Bladon. A call on a Thursday needed an organ installed the next day for a wedding on Saturday following the pipe organ blower failure. Bladon at least is quite close also being… 
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