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Introducing KeySAN, a UV-C sanitising device for keyboards

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of musicians. Their opportunities to play instruments dropped significantly with the closure of churches and schools, but also in all paid-playing opportunities for events being stopped almost overnight What we had to consider With the lockdown, and then the announcement of stage easing of… 
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Bach Dominating My Organ Music Collection

As I am a child of the 1960’s (born 1955), you might reasonably expect that I spent my teenage years listening to the music of the major bands of those days. Perhaps ‘The Beatles’ would be considered the highest profile, but it was also the time of Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, the Who. In… 
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What would J.S. Bach have made of a digital organ?

To try and answer this question and figure out how Bach might have regarded a modern, digital organ,  we need to try to understand the man’s personality and get into his head. By all accounts Bach: Got into at least one knife fight with a bassoonist, after calling said bassoonist an ugly name Spent time… 
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[Customer Story] Musical Composition to put a virus in its place

From time to time I am extraordinarily flattered to receive personal emails in reply to our regular monthly newsletters. If you are one of our newsletter subscribers (Subscribe here, if you haven’t already), you will already know that we work hard to fill them with juicy, interesting information based on musical interests, stories about the… 
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