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All Hallows Hargrave – Home Wanted for Pipe Organ

Later this year we are providing a new digital instrument for this lovely little country church. The charming small pipe organ works quite well but as you can see from the pictures could do with some TLC and  also good clean. Here is its NPOR entry from which you will see that the builder may… 
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Cantorum Duo for Mass on Sunday

Earlier this year we wrote about how RTE in Ireland televise a religious service every Sunday morning. This is normally recorded in a TV studio in Dublin but there is also an outside broadcast from some church around Ireland. Generally a Yamaha grand piano is used in the studio, or the musicians bring in their… 
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Hire Organ for St George’s Cathedral Southwark

On Tuesday July 9th 2019 we installed a hire organ in St George’s Cathedral Southwark. The 10th instrument currently on hire and for quite an unusual reason that I will explain below. The following day I went in with my new colleague Richard Goodall to check out the installation and carry out some basic voicing…. 
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