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Organ Concert & Organ Discovery Day

Two spectacular events at St Mary’s Church in Wingham, Canterbury on the 17th and 18th of November 2017. Firstly an Organ Concert with Daniel Moult and then a chance for you to get hands on with the King of Instruments yourself at the Open Day. Two events that surely can’t be missed! Organ Spectacular Concert… 
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Francis Jackson at 100 years young

Wikepedia lists just fewer than 100 ‘musicians’ that have reached or passed the age of 100 and for the most part, the names on the list are unknown to me. As yet Francis Jackson is not amongst them. I suppose if I knew how I should have added him. The names that did strike a… 
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[Hymn of the Month] Jerusalem the Golden

Hymn of the Month for October is “Jerusalem the Golden” which is a Christian hymn by John Mason Neale (1818-1866). The text is a translation of a section of Bernard of Cluny’s (12th century) Latin verse satire De Contemptu Mundi. The hymn is accompanied by the tune Ewing by the Scottish born composer Alexander Ewing… 
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