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Supporting Organ Outreach Programme in London

Organ Outreach Project gets our support The organ is a magnificent instrument to challenge both the technical and creative skills of any musician. Perhaps only the most gifted of students will master it but it will captivate and engage with all levels of skill. It is difficult not to be concerned for the future of… 
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Have you ever seen this before?

Recently we supplied a hire instrument to St John’s Berkswell to cover the renovation of their Willis pipe organ and the discovery of this small Warwickshire church was a revelation in more ways than one. I will write up in detail information on the hire later including a lot of images of the very fine… 
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[Hymn of the Month] Let us with a gladsome mind

The Hymn of the Month this time is “Let us with a gladsome mind” which is a text written in 1623 by John Milton (1608-1674), the famous poet and author of Paradise Lost. This is set to the hymn tune Monkland, by John Antes (1740-1811), a Moravian minister and composer. Monkland’s melodic contour is a… 
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Pipe Organ Encounter – Welshpool – Sunday 24 September 2017

Join this Organ Recital and Presentation in the fabulous Christ Church Welshpool on Sunday 24th September 2017. James Parsons welcomes you to an afternoon of Organ Music to raise awareness of the 200 year old pipe organ and to launch the organ restoration appeal. Christ  Church in Welshpool Christ Church Welshpool is the prominent Victorian… 
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