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Organ Hire for Old Royal Naval College Chapel

Unusually on a Sunday morning I was sat at home close to my phone when a Facebook Message popped up from Jonathan Eyre (Chapel Organist at Old Royal Naval College) asking if we could provide a hire organ in the Chapel the next day. That might be challenge enough for most companies but the next… 
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Derby Cathedral Organ Hire

The ailing state of the large Compton Organ at Derby Cathedral is well known in the organ community and so readers will expect this blog to be about a hire triggered by the failure of this instrument. Many will be relieved to learn the Compton limps on and it was the failure of the Cousans… 
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RCO International Organ Day & The Organ Show

Organs, organ music and organists around the world will be celebrated in a week of online broadcasts leading up to interNational Organ Day on Saturday 24 April. With global pandemic restrictions still in place, The Royal College of Organists (RCO) has turned interNational Organ Day 2021 into a fully online event, and made it the… 
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