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Client Installation – Lough Derg Island

This client installation at Lough Derg is quite an unusual one but very exciting one indeed. From some of the pictures in this blog it is not difficult to see why Lough Derg has developed as a significant place of pilgrimage. The setting on an island lends itself to being a place of peace and… 
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Understanding your Envoy, Regent and Sonus organ features

Viscount’s physical modelling platform – Physis explained Physis is a computer generated physical model of an organ pipe. This enables the Viscount Digital Organ to be manipulated in just the same way as a pipe voicer would approach an organ pipe. As most of our customers owning a physical modelling organ know these instruments allow a… 
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A look back on a great 2016

Looking back at our major achievements It is frightening just how fast last year passed by and we are now in sight of mid summers day. Recent conversations with a few customers prompted me to write this review, to create a single post where the major achievements of our year are set out. No doubt… 
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New Vehicle for the Growing Fleet

Viscount Organs have just added a new vehicle to the fleet. This will help us better serve our growing customer base around the UK. Those of you who know my accountancy background will understand the reluctance with which I enter into capital expenditure. So it was surprising that early this year I found myself suggesting that we… 
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