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There shall a star (from Christus) – Felix Mendelssohn

If you’re one of those who finds it annoying that Christmas seems to be done and dusted by the end of Advent, you’ll appreciate the January release of our recording of Mendelssohn’s “There shall a star”. Liturgically, the Christmas season runs from Christmas itself right through January and traditionally up to Candlemas in early February…. 
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Review of 2022

I am sure at the beginning of 2022 we were all feeling justly happy for the future. Covid was finally a disease that could be managed thanks to our amazing vaccines and the level of take up. Life was surely back to normal to stay. Recording another organ tutorial series My first ‘event’ of the… 
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Organ Stops Documentary

While the world of YouTube and other online streaming platforms have an abundance of organ video material, it is seldom if ever presented in any detail on mainstream TV. So I was delighted to learn a few days ago that a video documentary made in 2021 by James Dawson will be shown on BBC 4… 
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Introducing Fugue State Films

Yesterday I made a new friend in the organ world and I don’t understand why it took me so long to be aware of him. I am delighted to introduce you to Fugue State Films and its clearly passionate organ enthusiast owner Will Fraser. Continue reading to find out more about Will and Fugue State… 
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