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[Church Installation] St Mary and St John The Divine Balham

I think its fair to say that St. Mary & St. John The Divine, Balham has had more than its fair share of bad luck in recent times. History of St Mary and St John The Divine Founded around 1805 by dozen wealthy residents of Balham including William Wilberforce, they came together to build a… 
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[Organ Performance Tutorials] Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

The fourth piece in this year’s organ performance tutorial series is Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, written by England’s arguably greatest German import, George Frederick Handel. Jonathan Kingston and Francis Rumsey discuss what one might do with it on the organ, as it’s often asked for at weddings. The Queen of Sheba herself is… 
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Two Church Organ Installations Post-Lockdown

After what seems like months and not weeks we have brought back our organ installations team to start the backlog that has inevitably built up during lockdown. We have about eight churches ‘in waiting’ and last week saw two digital church organs finally get installed. First church organ was installed at Moravian Church We hit… 
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Ian Higginson – A Versatile Musician

In recent weeks and months there have been few opportunities for us to go out and gather information and stories of general interest. So it was a pleasure to be able to respond to a request for help from Ian Higginson. I’m struck by the contrast between social media and what I shall describe as… 
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