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Unusual delivery – Organ in a loft

What I hear you ask is unusual about an organ in a loft. That’s where you would expect to find the console. In fact I think most organists if asked, would they prefer to be on the floor of the church or tucked away out of sight in the private world of a loft would… 
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Review of 2018

Gosh what a year!  It is hard to know quite where to begin to share with you how much has happened in 2018. It is absolutely true that if you asked a group of organists to express their opinions on the sound of various instruments pipe and digital there would be a great spread of… 
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Free Software Upgrade for customers

It is almost 8 years now since we introduced the instruments based on Viscount’s unique software-based sound engine platform ‘Physis’. We launched the instruments with version 1.04 of the software and we have had 11 revisions with version 1.14.02 being the current edition as of November 2018. Upgraded your Envoy, Regent or Sonus instrument yet?… 
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An old friend revisited – Klais Organ at St Lawrence Jewry

Back in the mid 2000’s before the financial crisis turned the world on its head I used to enjoy a monthly trip into London for lessons with Catherine Ennis at her wonderful church in the heart of the City of London. It was a most enjoyable ‘day off’ and a visit that I always looked… 
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