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Battle of the Organs – Selby Abbey 2022

The time is nearly there for a repeat organ battle performance at Selby Abbey on September 2nd 2022 . Internationally renowned organists Martin Baker and John Scott Whiteley will be taking turns on the Abbeys magnificent Hill organ, recently restored by Principal Pipe Organs, and the digital Regent Classic that was used in Canterbury Cathedral… 
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Eisteddfod 2022

Our Wales partner retailer, Aspire Classical Organs is having a great time this week at the National Eisteddfod in Tregarron, Mid Wales. A good range of organs is available to play and you can also meet and listen to David Thomas, organist at Llandaff Cathedral demonstrate the wonderful sound of the Viscount Instruments. In addition… 
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Choral Evensong Lambeth Palace on BBC Radio 3

Around a year ago we were very honoured to be asked to provide an instrument to the chapel of Lambeth Palace. This was to provide accompaniment for services whilst a solution is found and funded for the small organ gallery space. Listen to Choral Evensong from Lambeth Palace on BBC Radio 3. This week, we… 
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Rodent damage – a problem for all organs

Before writing this blog I thought I would establish accurately the smallest size of hole a mouse can squeeze through and Youtube provided the answer at 15.5mm. If you are interested watch this quite scientific experiment demonstrating this. I am sure I had heard a mouse could get through a hole as small as a… 
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