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Battle of the Organs 2021 – The Report

It is fair to say that there was a little anxiety, the evening before the event, that our ‘Battle Concert’ audience might be small as early ticket sales were rather slow. In the end the fears were misplaced and an audience approaching 150 slowly filled the Abbey on Friday evening. One attendee had even driven… 
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Organ Improvisation? Help with Organ Improvisation Techniques!

You suddenly find you have to fill a gap with some organ improvisation in a middle of a service. In all of the organ lessons you have had so far, you have been looking at a book, marking fingerings, pedalling, registration and notes with a pencil and suddenly there’s nothing in front of you. PANIC!… 
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Preparing for the Battle of Selby

The organ “battle” is a classic format for an exciting concert, often involving a substantial digital instrument pitted against the venue’s venerable pipe organ. If you can get yourself to Selby in Yorkshire on Friday 3rd September at 7.30 pm, there’ll be a chance to hear internationally renowned organists Martin Baker and John Scott Whiteley… 
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Organ Performance Tutorials
Sortie in B flat, Ian Higginson

Ian Higginson’s Sortie in B flat from his recent collection Organ Sound Colours, Vol. 1, could be a useful ‘going out’ voluntary for a church service. (You can find out more about this collection of pieces in the general introduction to this year’s tutorials.) < Sortie in B flat by Ian Higginson The piece is… 
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