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Thoughts for the Day – Pipe Organs and Digital Organs

A little while ago, a Facebook group dedicated to promote interest in pipe organs published post critical of Anna Lapwood doing a recital on one of our digital instruments. I will happily admit dismay that anyone could take it upon themselves to have a pop at one of the most energetic and visible ambassadors promoting… 
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Bristol Cathedral Temporary Organ Installation

Many readers of our blogs will be aware that we have a busy and growing business providing temporary digital organs for concerts and on a longer-term basis when churches and cathedrals have their pipe organs overhauled. We have provided organs all over the UK including York Minster and Canterbury Cathedral. Our partner retailer Jeffers Music… 
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Psalm 133 “Behold how good and joyful a thing it is!”

During this series of tutorials on psalm singing and accompaniment, Ralph Allwood has been explaining the origins and meanings of the text. As part of this episode’s rehearsal of Psalm 133, Ralph talks about the blessings of unity—how precious it is, and how we must hold on to it. This very short psalm is sung… 
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