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Yarm School Organ

Yarm School OrganI expect it is not often in a career that the opportunity arises to design an organ for a brand new 750-seat concert hall, but in late 2009 that was the challenge I was given when we began the construction of a new Performing Arts Centre at Yarm School.


After investigating a number of possible suppliers, it was decided that the contract should be awarded to Viscount Classical Organs as their revolutionary new physical modelling technology offers an excellent combination of quality, flexibility, value-for-money and sound. Also, as this exceptional new technology is further enhanced, we can easily benefit from future upgrades and improvements that will become available.


concert hall view tidied up


The instrument was finally installed in April this year, just in time for the formal Royal opening of our wonderful new facilities. Each time I play or listen to the instrument, it exceeds my expectations and the elegant and contemporary terraced console really compliments the architecture of the auditorium. The alternative voicing flexibility even allows me to teach the complete organ repertoire on authentic sound palates, and the instrument easily supports school assemblies when the auditorium is full.

The team at Viscount Organs have fully justified our selection of their instrument and we look forward to their continued support for years to come, as we benefit from additional work to further enhance the high quality of the sound.

Keith Brown Director of Music – Yarm School


Pedal Great Swell Choir Solo 
Double Open Wood32Double Diapason16Bourdon16Quintaton16Contra Viole16
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Geigen Diapason8Open Diapason8Harmonic Flute8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Chimney Flute8Gedackt8Viole d'Orchestre8
Bourdon16Claribel Flute8Lieblich Gedackt8Dulciana8Viole Celeste8
Violone16Stopped Diapason8Echo Gamba8Unda Maris8Viole Octivante4
Principal8Principal4Vox Angelica8Principal4Concert Flute4
Bass Flute8Harmonic Flute4Geigen Principal4Lieblich Flute4Piccolo2
Choral Bass4Twelfth2-2/3Wald Flute4Flageolet2Corno di Bassetto8
MixtureIVFifteenth2Nazard2-2/3Larigot1-1/3Orchestral Oboe8
Contra Bombarde32Grand CornetVFifteenth2Piccolo1Tuba Mirabilis8
Bassoon16Sharp MixtureIIIMixtureIVCor Anglais16
Trumpet8Double Trumpet16Contra Fagotto16Clarinet8
Vox Humana8
Great to PedalTremulantTremulantTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to GreatSolo to SwellSwell to Choir
Choir to PedalChoir to GreatSolo to Choir
Solo to PedalSolo to Great