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St Mark’s Glodwick

Envoy 35 SOn Behalf of the PCC and Congregation of St Mark’s Glodwick, and myself; I should like to thank you and your fantastic team for the installation of our wonderful new custom Viscount Envoy 35-S Organ.

As you are already aware, I’m fortunate in having experience in both pipe and digital Organ manufacture, as well as in music making from parish to cathedral levels.

I must also confess to having been quite skeptical of trying one of your new Physis instruments with a view to it as a potential purchase for the church; but had my arm twisted by a friend who was trying one at his church at the time.

I have to be completely honest and say I was stunned! Here was a very affordable and economic instrument that not only rivalled, but in my opinion tonally surpassed all of the current leading manufacturers of digital organs. The Viscount Physis technology really is a remarkable and exciting development in the world of the digital organ and I can heartily recommend it to any individual or organisation thinking of a new pipe-less instrument. For me personally, the tonal aspect of a digital instrument is of paramount importance, followed by the playing and console design and the instrument you installed for us at St Mark’s achieves both of these most admirably.

I warmly welcome anyone to come and try the instrument for themselves, as hearing really is believing. I would also like to reiterate to anyone thinking of purchasing a new digital, do not be put off by the fact Viscount may seem inexpensive, these really are amazing instruments and are not to be sniffed at!

With every best wishes to you and your team.

James Harker, Director of Music

St Mark’s Church, Glodwick, Oldham

Pedal Great Swell 
Sub Bass32Double Diapason16Geigen Diapason8
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Chimney Flute8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Echo Gamba8
Bourdon16Claribel Flute8Voix Celeste8
Principal8Stopped Diapason8Geigen Principal4
Bass Flute8Principal4Wald Flute4
Choral Bass4Harmonic Flute4Flageolet2
Trumpet8MixtureIVContra Fagotto16
Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great