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Hallfold United Reformed Church

SpeakersThis relatively small church sits close to Rochdale and for many of the previous years had a Johannus electronic organ. This was coming to the end of its life and donations had been received to provide for its replacement. So we were pleased to have been selected to provide our Envoy 33 DFD which we installed on a new speaker system which you can just see on the end wall in the picture to the left. URC churches tend to be simple in design and this is no exception so white speaker cabinets were chosen to almost disappear against the white walls.


We were also fortunate that our standard medium oak finish was a very close match to the existing furniture and the console  also blended well with the other furnishings.  The installation was carried out with the help of Anthony Bogdan Organs Ltd. Anthony has returned twice since installation to   carry out further voicing to ensure that the very best match between organ and space is achieved for the musician and the congregation.Organ front

Organ front 2-horz