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T: 01869 247 333

Regent 247


A ‘Physical Modelling’ based instrument with 47 illuminated rocker tabs in a luxury real wood veneer cabinet. It  has a huge internal library allowing the user to create 4 totally individual voice pallets from classic English through Baroque and Romantic.   It benefits from a full compliment of divisional thumb pistons and additional toe pistons.

■ 2 x 61-note tracker touch keyboards with touch sensitivity for orchestral voices
■ 32-note radiating and concave pedalboard
■ 47 speaking stops with hundreds of alternatives from internal memory bank
■ Illuminated rocker tabs
■ 4 preset organ styles – English, Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic
■ 4 adjustable user styles
■ 18 alternative temperaments
■ Tremulants fully adjustable for speed and depth
■ Dark, Medium or Light oak wood veneer console with solid wooden roll top cover
■ Illuminated music desk

To see a video presentation of various features of this instrument CLICK HERE 

■ Swell expression pedal
■ Crescendo pedal programmable over 16 steps
■ 6 general pistons duplicated by toe pistons
■ 16 capture memories
■ 6 thumb pistons to Swell and Great
■ Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped, Sw/Gt reversible thumb pistons
■ Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped, Sw/Gt reversible toe pistons
■ Gt and Ped combinations coupled
■ 2 sequencer previous and next pistons
■ Gt/Sw keyboard inversion
■ Transposer with –6/+5 semitone range

The full Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic stop lists can be found in the brochure download.

Pedal Great Swell 
Double Open Wood32Double Diapason16Bourdon16
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Geigen Diapason8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Chimney Flute8
Violone16Claribel Flute8Lieblich Gedackt8
Bourdon16Stopped Diapason8Echo Gamba8
Principal8Principal4Vox Angelica8
Bass Flute8Harmonic Flute4Geigen Principal4
Choral Bass4Twelfth2-2/3Wald Flute4
Contra Bombarde32Great CornetVFifteenth2
Bassoon16Sharp MixtureMixtureIV
Trumpet8Double Trumpet16Contra Fagotto16
Clarion4Vox Humana8
Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great

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■ 162 cm (W) x 125 cm (H) x 70 cm (D), 111 cm (with pedalboard)
■ Weight – 185 kg

■ 9 internal speakers split across 5 channels
■ 4 x 60 watt and 1 x 100 watt amplifiers
■ Stop-by-stop selection of simulated wind chest layout
■ Stop-by-stop and divisional volume controls
■ Stop-by-stop tonal adjustment using 6 voicing parameters
■ Internal 5-band graphic equaliser
■ Fully adjustable reverberation with live acoustic selection
■ Stereo headphone output socket
■ External outputs for up to 13 independent audio channels