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T: 01869 247 333

Sonus 60


A physical modelling instrument designed specifically for home practice with an enhanced audio system including 13 speakers played over 9 audio channels.

Speakers are placed in the side panels and there are also tweeters above the swell manual to create a far larger sound field for the players enjoyment.

■ 3 x 61 note tracker touch keyboards velocity sensitive for orchestral voices
■ 32 note radiating concave pedal board
■ 50 illuminated tilt tab stops with hundreds of alternatives from internal bank
■ 4 preset organ styles (English , Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic)
■ 4 User defined variable styles
■ 18 alternative temperaments
■ Dark and light oak simulated wood veneer

To see a video presentation of various features of this instrument CLICK HERE 

■ Swell expression pedal
■ Choir expression pedal
■ Crescendo expression pedal
■ 6 divisional and 10 general pistons
■ 16 capture memories
■ 6 reversible coupler pistons (Gt/P Sw/P Ch/P Sw/Gt Ch/Gt Sw /Ch) Gt/Ped & Sw/Gt duplicated on toe studs
■ 9 toe studs the 6 above plus sequencer prev, next & tutti.
■ 2 sequencer +/- pistons
■ Auto pedal and Gt/Ped enclosed pistons
■ Keyboard inversion and Transposer –6/+5
■ Fully adjustable Tremulants (speed and depth)

Pedal  11 Great  13 Swell  15 Choir  11 
Double Open Wood32Double Diapason16Lieblich Bourdon16Open Diapason8
Open Wood16Open Diapason I8Geigen Diapason8Gedackt8
Open Metal16Open Diapason II8Chimney Flute8Gemshorn4
Bourdon16Hohl Flute8Echo Gamba8Lieblich Flute4
Principal8Stopped Diapason8Vox Celeste8Nazard2-2/3
Bass Flute8Principal4Geigen Principal4Flageolet2
Choral Bass4Harmonic Flute4Wald Flute4Tierce1.3/5
Contra Bombarde32Fifteenth2SesquialteraIIMixtureIII
Trumpet8Double Trumpet16Contra Fagotto16Tuba8
Vox Humana8
Great to PedalTremulantTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to GreatSwell to Choir
Choir to PedalChoir to Great

■ 144cm (W) 126cm (H) 66cm (D), 114cm with pedal board
■ Weight 161kg

Enhanced audio spectrum especially designed for home practice use

■ 13 internal speakers, 8 x 60 watt and 1 x 100 watt amplifiers
■ Stop by stop selection of simulated wind chest layout
■ Stop by stop and divisional adjustment of volume
■ Stop by stop adjustment of 6 voicing parameters
■ Internal 5 band graphic equaliser
■ Fully adjustable acoustic with live acoustic selection
■ Stereo headphone output socket