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St Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Park Gate Hampshire


Outside viewThe Domus 1232 in our church had started to creak and sound inadequate despite the addition of six external speakers and a separate sub-woofer.  Fortunately, a member of the parish offered to fund a replacement so all was set to proceed with the purchase of a new instrument.  I had previously purchased a Envoy 35F (with a baroque keyboard which is lovely to behold) for home use and had had such a good experience with the purchase and subsequent use that I had no hesitation in contacting Viscount Organs for the church replacement.  I considered that an Envoy 35F driving our existing speakers would provide an ideal setup for our church.

Viscount offered us a great trade-in allowance for the 1232 and we placed the order for the organ to arrive for Advent 2015.  As with my own purchase, all went smoothly.  Jeremy Meager visited the church to discuss installation and the use of our own sound system.  He offered suggestions on how to improve our existing speaker cabinet and placement of the sub-woofer.  Here is the placement that we agreed on:

Original speaker cabinetsThe main six speaker cabinet sits high on the rear wall of the church.  Jeremy suggested that panels be cut in the side as well as the front to help disperse the sound around a 180 degree arc.

Sub wooferThe sub-woofer would be removed from the main speaker cabinet and housed is a new cabinet over the side entry door. Another identical empty cabinet was placed on a ledge on the other side of the church to even things up! The organ console would be situated to the front right of the church in the position used by the old organ.

A separate, general feed would also drive an additional antiphonal speaker which would speak out into the choir area.

SanctuaryThe antiphonal speaker can just be seen to the left of the wall backing the organ and to the right of the stained glass window.

We requested that the antiphonal could be used alone and separate from the main speakers when the choir was singing motets alone.

On the appointed day Jeremy and Peter arrived to install and voice the organ.  Our existing cables were used to connect the main speakers but an additional cable had to be run to the newly positioned sub-woofer.  The installation was completed and Jeremy did some initial setup and voicing but ran out of time and so came back two weeks later to finish off the setup.

Jeremy selected stops that worked best in our church and everyone agrees that the results are spectacular. The sound is rich and full and just as importantly well dispersed.  Separate speaker switches allow for:  all speakers, the internal organ speakers; or the antiphonal to be selected independently which provides maximum flexibility.

2016 is the church’s Golden Jubilee and it was fortuitous that Viscount were able to provide a beautiful instrument to celebrate our 50th year.  As part of these celebrations, Paul Inwood, the internationally renowned composer and organist gave a memorable recital in April 2016 and we were delighted that Jeremy could attend and receive the thanks and praise that was due to him.

Envoy 35-FThank you Viscount Organs, David , Jeremy and Peter for a thoroughly pleasant, and uplifting experience.  We feel that we are part of the ever more successful Viscount Organs family.

The 35F in all its glory!

John Lane
St Margaret Mary Catholic Church
4 August 2016