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Our Range of Organ Speakers

Viscount Organ Speaker Range

With our organ audio management recently extended to be able to spread the stops over 28 independent audio channels plus bass we have extraordinary flexibility to manage sound delivery in your church or concert hall and so we have invested in developing speaker cabinets acoustically tuned to optimise the sound for individual stop families.

speakers-4As you see from the pictures within this blog these speaker cabinets are multi directional in the HF range projecting sound in two planes at 90 degrees to each other. This is of great assistance where the speaker enclosure is of limited size as even then the listener is hearing direct and indirect sound, which combines to give a more credible and pleasing effect. The multi-directional feature of the loudspeaker enables audio energy to be radiated in a more diffused fashion, improving the blend between the loudspeakers and building acoustic, thereby delivering a more natural tonal character of the organ


Multi Purpose Speaker with Dimension

Additionally the cabinets have been tuned to be most sympathetic to the sound of the organ voice they seek to reproduce. Reeds need greater power across a wide range of frequencies especially as pitch rises, so a loudspeaker has been developed to emulate the “en-chamade” effect and directionality of these bold stops by the use of a controlled dispersion high frequency drive unit. String tones on the other hand require subtle clarity at much lower power levels resulting in a model of loudspeaker with wide dispersion and smooth overall response.speaker-box_320

With 28 channels available and the ability to send any stop to any one or more of the 28 channels we are now more able to select speaker cabinets to match the voices they will handle and so establish the most realistic yet voicing of any digital pipe organ.

If you are considering a digital organ for your church or concert hall and want the very best result possible you really have to explore a Viscount Physical Modelling instrument, matched now with an unrivaled range of specialist speakers to deliver the full excitement of instruments only previously achieved with real pipes.

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I have had a passion for church organs since the tender age of 12. I own and run Viscount Organs with a close attention to the detail that musicians appreciate; and a clear understanding of the benefits of digital technology and keeping to the traditional and emotional elements of organ playing.

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