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Category Archive: Buying an Organ

Our Range of Organ Speakers

With our organ audio management recently extended to be able to spread the stops over 28 independent audio channels plus bass we have extraordinary flexibility to manage sound delivery in your church or concert hall and so we have invested in developing speaker cabinets acoustically tuned to optimise the sound for individual stop families. As […]

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Understanding your Envoy, Regent and Sonus organ features

As most of our customers owning a physical modelling organ know these instruments allow a very high degree of personal control over how the organ sounds. This extends from the selection of individual stop voices from the internal library all the way through to building your own complete instrument that could be voiced to any […]

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20 Organs for the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)

Earlier this year we received our largest ever enquiry for 20 single manual instruments to replace a variety of older instruments from various manufacturers used in the UGLE meeting rooms. Needless to say this was an exciting prospect and we duly sharpened our pencil and were delighted to have the order confirmed in the spring. […]

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Announcing: Years free RCO membership to all customers

We are passionate about organs and organ music and spend a good majority of our time supporting local, national and international organ events (both pipe and digital). As part of our ongoing drive for amazing music in the organ world, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a years free membership of the […]

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The Pure Elegance of Sound With a Viscount Digital Organ

Music has long been used as therapeutic method to provide brain stimulating qualities to rehabilitation programmes to support people through injury, whether physical or mental. While we could share chapters on this subject – it is more relevant to highlight that the quality and perception of sound is very personal. While the perception of tonal […]

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Top 5 Tips in Selecting the Right Digital Organ For You

There are many factors to take into account when considering not only which digital organ to buy, but also which brand/make of organ to invest in. In this post we hope to highlight some the pertinent elements to weigh up based on our years of experience in digital organs, the technology behind them and what […]

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The Private Digital Organist vs. the Public Digital Organist

We deal with a variety of different types of buyers in our industry, and in this post we give some insights into the differing needs for these groups of buyers and how we work with them. The Private Digital Organ Player This is the individual buyer who is expressly buying an organ for playing at […]

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How to buy a digital organ

In writing this article, we are trying to use our many years experience of digital organs to set out the major factors you should consider when choosing the supplier and instrument, whether this is for home practice, church or concert hall use.

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