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20 Organs for the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)

United Grand Lodge of England

Earlier this year we received our largest ever enquiry for 20 single manual instruments to replace a variety of older instruments from various manufacturers used in the UGLE meeting rooms.

Needless to say this was an exciting prospect and we duly sharpened our pencil and were delighted to have the order confirmed in the spring.

Delivery took place in 2 phases, half in July and the remainder in September.
20 Cadets Group

So while the animals went in 2 by 2 the organs went in 10 by 10!

Cadet 21-D

Cadet 21-D

While not the highest value order we have ever received we believe it is certainly the largest number of organs ever placed in a single order in the UK, unless of course you know differently and would like to share your knowledge of another with us?

While the Cadet 21-D is only a single manual instrument there is the facility to split the keyboard and have a solo melody line played against an accompaniment. There is also an autopedal that put the 3 available pedal stops into the bottom note of the left hand so with a little practice you can get a quite good sound of a 2 manual instrument from this otherwise small instrument.

If you are reviewing your instruments and would like to test a Viscount organ, please do get in contact with me on 01869 247 333 or by email.

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I have had a passion for church organs since the tender age of 12. I own and run Viscount Organs with a close attention to the detail that musicians appreciate; and a clear understanding of the benefits of digital technology and keeping to the traditional and emotional elements of organ playing.

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