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Have Organ Will Travel

have organ will travel

I never cease to be amazed with the level of trouble some organists will go to, to ensure that they are able to play. Especially those in the hauptwerk community.

These extraordinarily enthusiastic musicians often share with us on our Facebook Page – about the quite large and complex instruments they have put together from all sorts of often salvaged components to build their unique home organs.

To do this at home is one thing but just before Christmas we learned of a musician that carries his about with him in a suitcase. It must be quite a big one.

We were contacted by Alan Kay who was visiting London from California for Christmas. The challenge to get to his hotel by December 28th a 30 note straight midi pedal board so he could practice in the hotel room.

Those of you familiar with UK organs will know that straight pedal boards are rarely found or requested so we do not stock them let alone in the midi compatible version so this was a challenge.

However we managed to get the board shipped direct from Viscount in Italy and miracle of miracles over the Christmas period it was not lost and arrived at the hotel as ordered on the 28th.

Hotel room organ

Now you may ask if this gentleman was prepared to travel from California by air with a keyboard, fold up picnic bench, fold up table for the keyboard , computer and presumably at least some clothing why he drew the line at his pedal board. I hope one day when he returns at a less busy time to meet him over a drink and ask that very question.

Anyway mission accomplished and one very happy enthusiastic transatlantic hauptwerk player set up a temporary organ in Baker Street London as the photographs he kindly sent me in this post prove. To see our full range of midi pedal boards CLICK HERE.

Organ no pedal board

Now do you know of anything that matches or beats this level of determination to keep on playing?

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I have had a passion for church organs since the tender age of 12. I own and run Viscount Organs with a close attention to the detail that musicians appreciate; and a clear understanding of the benefits of digital technology and keeping to the traditional and emotional elements of organ playing.

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