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The Private Digital Organist vs. the Public Digital Organist

We deal with a variety of different types of buyers in our industry, and in this post we give some insights into the differing needs for these groups of buyers and how we work with them.

The Private Digital Organ Player

7317235_s - viscountThis is the individual buyer who is expressly buying an organ for playing at home.

For this kind of customer the relationship we have the customer is extraordinarily personal. We get to know exactly what the person wants from their organ and what their personal musical preferences are so we can match them with the best instrument.

We realise that for this customer the organ is a significant financial commitment  and usually a significant  investment they have spent many years contemplating. With this in mind we support them with as much guidance and information as possible and empathise with the fact that it may take a bit longer to get to make the right decision. Our choice of instrument is particularly wide at Viscount, with 28 individual instruments to choose from – so we do our best to help the process and reduce the pressure where we can.

We work on the basis that this customer will be living with their instrument and its features for many many years to come and we want them to enjoy their journey with it.

The Public Digital Organ Player

These are the kind of customers who are, or are buying on behalf of organists who play in Churches, Cathedrals, Schools or in Concert halls.

With these buyers there are some further needs that will be assessed in selecting the right organ – for example: the space where the organ will be played (and/or stored when not being played), the type of audience it will be played for (affects sound palettes chosen) and of course any personal organist requirements.

We really enjoy the church installations – nothing beats the experience of having a happy customer and we’ve done so many of them successfully – it makes for a really enjoyable project for everyone.

It has to be said that there is often a compromise to reach between the practical solution; the aesthetic “best” and the “preferred” when it comes to sound distribution. Knowing how best to resolve these conflicts to give an installation that is affordable and will pass any faculty tests is something we focus on carefully.

If you are interested in talking to us about installing an organ in your home or in your church, school or concert hall – please give me a call on 01869 247 333 or email me on We can offer a loan organ if you would like to test the organ in your church, school or concert hall before deciding on your purchase.
Image courtesy of: elenathewise / 123RF Stock Photo

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I have had a passion for church organs since the tender age of 12. I own and run Viscount Organs with a close attention to the detail that musicians appreciate; and a clear understanding of the benefits of digital technology and keeping to the traditional and emotional elements of organ playing.

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