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Tag Archive: Hymn of the Month

    [Hymn of the Month] Ellacombe

    The first record of this tune is in a hymnal (Gesangbuch) published in 1784 for the Duke of Wurtemberg. Ellacombe takes the name of a village in Devonshire. It was first set to the words “Ave Maria, klarer und lichter Morgenstern.” During the first half of the nineteenth century various German hymnals altered the tune. […]

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    [Hymn of the Month] ‘Lord of All Hopefulness’ to the tune Slane

    This month we feature “Lord of All Hopefulness” as part of our Hymn of the Month series played by our in-house organist, Jonathan Kingston. Slane is believed to be an old Irish folk tune and the name is certainly common to a hill near Tara in County Meath, Ireland. It first came to significant attention […]

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    [Hymn of the Month] Angel Voices by George Monk

    We have received a number of requests asking us to present music that our instruments would routinely play in a church context. So what better examples than well known and loved hymn tunes? This year we are launching our new tutorial series called ‘Hymn of the Month’. So watch out for them each month. This month we […]

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